Drew’s Team Launches Aimed at Saving Lives

Drew Swank (right) with his Brother Tim

No one ever dreamed that fateful Friday Night last fall in Washtucna, Washington that it would end the way it did.  In our worst nightmares we could not nor would not have imagined such a horrific end.  That night, as fans and family watched an ambulance drive off the field,  they could never have believed it would be the last time they would see Drew.

This event is however the middle of the story.   Drew Swank’s untimely and tragic death started a week before…. on another field.  As is the case with many young men in the sport of Football Drew was a really tough kid.  While we may never know exactly what happened and why he had to leave us one thing is sure.

Drew was hurt the Friday Night before at the game against Pateros.  He had received two hard hits that night and was hurt badly enough that he had to be checked out in the coming days.  He was diagnosed as having a concussion.  Before he could return to play he was required to see a doctor which he did on the Monday two days after he was hurt.  The Swank’s  family doctor cleared Drew to play on that next Friday after Drew reported  that his headaches were gone.

Appearing to be OK after a physical examination the Doctor cleared him to play.  While we can never ever know exactly what happened one thing is clear.  Drew’s brain was still feeling the effects of that first concussion.

Sadly Drew played and in his case the second blow that Friday in Washtucna caused what is known as Second Impact Syndrome.  There is more on that in our special section about SIS but that led to uncontrollable swelling of his brain and ultimately his death despite the efforts of medical experts.

What we at Drew’s Team are committed to is making sure that this never happens again.  Maybe that is a lofty Goal but we have to try.

What we are asking you to consider as a Coach… a Team… a School… or even an individual player or parent is to Join US in this effort.

At this website you will find specific information about Drew, Second Impact Syndrome, the dangers of concussions, and information about what you can do to help.  Specifically we will ask you to commit to what we are Calling  “TEAM 7:15” and that is one way that you can Join Drew’s Team.  Take a look at that and understand what we are doing to help the young athletes of our great country.

Together we can make a difference.  Drew Swank’s life was amazing.  He was an amazing kid.  Therefore we will endeavor to make sure that it is remembered and that his life is not forgotten. The tragedy of his death is almost beyond compare.

Having said that we ask you to help us make sure that incredible good comes from it.

Welcome to Drew’s Team.  Please Join Us


3 responses to “Drew’s Team Launches Aimed at Saving Lives

  1. Teres Fletcher

    This is an amazeing story. Our family would like to help by spreading the word about brain injuries in our young pople.If there is anything we can do to help count us in we will help!!!! My son austin recieved Drews liver and because of Drew my son has a second chance at life.He sounds like he was an amazeing young man and his life was cut way to short.Please if there is anything we can do please let us know. Love Teres Fletcher and the gang.

    • Thanks for sharing,,,, We would love a picture of your family for the “Meet Drews Team” page. Tell Austin Hello and we will find a way to put you guys to work! There is a special story on Organ Donation coming on the news. Please email me your contact info at join715@gmail.com. Thanks so Much Teres…

  2. Holly Baker-Shaw

    My name is Holly Baker-Shaw. I am Steve Shaw’s wife. We just recently in the last two years have lost two of our kids. One of them was John David Baker (17) and the other Lance Shaw (30). I am not sure I have anymore in me right now accept to say that I am so proud of Drew and I love what his family is endeavoring to do here. To save just one life…makes this worth all the time and creative energy this cause must have required.to impart the importance of awareness for the safety of our kids.
    I would like to say thank you. I am so glad parents have a place to come and be supported in their right to protect and the child’s right to self protect. Kindest regards,
    Steve, Holly and Family.

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