AD’s Testify that ImPACT Works As a Tool

Here is an excerpt from the Sun Chronicle which outlines the new Bill that is being pushed through the Massachusetts Legislature with the hope of protecting football players and athletes this year.’

Some of that testimony is coming from our own Chris Nowinski of the Sports Legacy Institute.  He is once again taking the Brain Trauma battle lead and along with NFL Great Ted Johnson gave some convincing testimony.

Here is an important excerpt from the story regarding ImPACT Concussion Testing.  This is the same sort of response we have heard from many other Athletic Directors.  It is all 100% positive.

“Kurt Kummer, athletic director at North Attleboro High School, said his school is already on top of monitoring head injuries and making sure athletes are symptom-free before they return to the field.

He pointed to the school’s use of ImPACT testing, a computer program that first establishes a base line for athletes’ brain activity, then measures it again after a suspected head trauma.

The athlete is not cleared to play again until he or she again measures a baseline score on the computer test.

Kummer said the school’s diligence toward dealing with head injuries has already paid dividends, showing that some athletes who appeared fine were not actually ready to return to the field.

“I think we’ve caught a lot of kids who had lingering effects,” he said.

Mike Redding, who coaches football and girls’ basketball at Mansfield High School, said there has been a greater emphasis on spotting and correctly dealing with head injuries over the past several years, as coaches and trainers learn more about the dangers of the injuries.

“We don’t want anyone leaving high school with the long-term effects of any injury,” he said. While he said schools in the area have already begun to address the issues related to concussions, Redding said the proposed law might help keep athletes around the state safer.”

Read The Rest of The Story Here


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