USA Football Develops Youth Coaches Curriculum for Concussion Prevention

Well I must say…..  this is a long over do but welcome development.  The USA Football Group who works with the NFL to provide training and education among other things added a new section to their education videos on Concussion Prevention.  That is a welcome development.  It is to Bad they are having to charge $25 per person for this.  The NFL needs to step up and take care of this cost.  They make billions of dollars of profit each year and it is not really a great help that they are not paying for this and taking more of a leadership role.  This is something the Center for Disease Control should be offering for free.    So this is not really a big deal but another tool that should be mandatory for all coaches to use.

Is USA Football Doing Enough or Should the NFL Pay for this?

Here is an excerpt:

“USA Football, the sport’s national governing body on youth and amateur levels, has further strengthened its tackle and flag football coaching education courses with new material covering concussion, hydration and proper equipment fitting.

USA Football created new coaching chapters with leading medical professionals and organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

By the start of the 2010 football season, USA Football will have helped educate more than 50,000 youth coaches spanning all 50 states through its online courses and full-day coaching schools conducted across the country. Approximately 415,000 football coaches serve the 3.0 million youngsters who play youth tackle football in the United States. An additional 1.14 million high school boys play football, more than doubling the next-played sport by that group according to the National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations.

USA Football’s flag coaching course is comprised of eight chapters and takes approximately an hour to complete. The tackle course covers 15 chapters and is completed in approximately two hours. Both courses include four videos covering (1) concussion awareness and management; (2) heat and hydration preparedness; (3) helmet fitting; and (4) shoulder pad fitting.

Quizzes are administered following each chapter to foster comprehension. A cumulative chapter quiz score of 80% is needed to successfully complete both courses.

USA Football’s concussion education and management chapter consists of an 11-minute video featuring USA Football Board Member and former NFL running back Merril Hoge and Dr. Stanley Herring. Herring is the medical director of the Spine Center at Harborview Medical Center in Washington State and is a clinical professor at the University of Washington. He also serves on the independent non-profit’s Football and Wellness Committee. USA Football concussion education and management content is also formed in conjunction with the CDC. CDC concussion information is distributed at USA Football’s training events conducted nationwide for coaches, players and youth league commissioners.

“Youth football participation today is higher than it has ever been and USA Football’s coaching courses make the sport better and safer,” Dr. Herring said. “Player health – particularly on matters of concussion – is rightfully commanding attention in every youth sport. With USA Football’s leadership, football coaches are well prepared to monitor their players and know what to do when a young athlete’s well-being is in question.”


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