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At the request of the Swank Family we have set up Drew’s team.  It is the wishes of the family that the tragedy of Drew’s death be turned into something positive and helpful to others.  This as you can well imagine remains a very personal and difficult thing for the family.  Therefore they have asked that we remember Drew through our efforts and memorialize his life through our deeds.

Drew’s Team is not a corporation or something you have to pay to join.

We are a group of Parents, Teams, Coaches, Doctors, Trainers, Teachers, Athletic Directors, Kids, Families….Humans… who have decided to stand and deliver his message to the world.

The Message is simple.  We have to do more.  We have to prevent severe injury and death resulting from competition in sports.  Our plans and position on this is all outlined in this website.

Here is a list of our Organizers and Supporters:

The Swank Family

Well the Swank’s are a huge and most incredible family.  As hard as this is for them to deal with they are all 100% committed to this effort.  Drew wants them to be.  So with 7 Brothers and Sisters and Mom and Dad we have an Army.  We will list Family members that are helping outside the immediate family separately.  The Swank’s include Dad (Don), Mom (Patti) and Drew’s Sisters Tara Swank, Nicole Swank Albright, Tammy Swank Bergom, & Rowea Swank.  Drew’s brothers are Luke, Judson, & Tim.

This is quite a special group.  Add in the rest of the extended Swank Crew & a little hard work & blessing and we have the muscle driving Drew’s Team!

Director :   Dirk Knudsen; Portland, Oregon. -503-799-8383;   dirkknudsen@gmail.com

Dirk Knudsen; Coach, Dad, Writer, Activist

Dirk is a lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest.  A former athlete he graduated from Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Oregon.  He is a Cum Laude Graduate of Portland State University.  He is the father of 3 boys (Kord, Konner, and Kole); all athletes and football players as well.  Dirk has coached for 15 years and brings his years as a Sports Writer, Analyst, Community Activist, and Businessman to Drew’s Team.  Dirk has lived through concussions as well as seen his sons suffer from their terrible effects. His wife Darcey and his sons Kord, Konner, and Kole bring a high level of compassion and caring to this topic as well.  Dirk founded Raise 7 for Matthew (www.raise7forMatthew.com) in 2009 aimed at helping fallen Highland High School (Yakima,Wa) Quarterback Matthew Newman.  That effort sprung thousands of people into action to help the injured QB and also brought Dirk into contact with the Swank family as a result.  Dirk is very active in the battle to prevent and manage Traumatic Brain Injuries.  He has been able to extend Concussion Education into youth and high school leagues. Dirk works closely with Teams, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Doctors, and Medical Professionals to insure that essential cornerstone prevention measure of a Baseline Testing like ImPACT are utilized in this battle to stem the rising tide of Sports Related Brain Injuries.


3 responses to “About Us

  1. DeAnne Manansala

    …….thanks so much for getting this site up and running. As a niece and cousin of the Swanks I still find myself in tears everytime I read about Drew. We are committed to supporting your organization and I hope to bring Impact Testing to my son’s school here in Sacramento for use at his middle school level and the varsity level. My husband, a small charter school system superintendent , has been encouraged that C.I.F. here in California is adopting some new protocols in regards to head injuries during football games. My son, Josh, plans to wear the number 15 proudly in remembrance of his cousin Drew throughout his middle and high school football years.
    DeAnne Manansala

    • DeAnne…

      Thanks for your support. One of the reasons I am involved is specifically because the Family is so close to this whole thing. My experiences and broad perspective as well as advocacy and volunteer work in this area have made a great marriage. Together we will make a superb team. Thanks you guys! Drew’s Team is just one of the thousand points of light that are twinkling away on this issue and together we are changing the Culture of sports! That is what was and is so important. We all have so much to gain. God Bless you guys!


  2. I am going to see a neurologist for the first time tomorrow. I didn’t play sports but suffered a major head trauma in childhood when I was hit by a car. I have suffered with dizziness, severe headaches, depression, mood swings and suicidal ideation since my early teens. I am now in my mid-thirties. I have asked repeatedly over the years if any or all of these symptoms could be related to the head injury and have been told no each time. I will be asking the neurologist about CTE tomorrow. Thank for providing a valuable and informative resource.

    I would also like to say how sorry I am that Drew’s life was lost and would like to commend the Swank family for the amazing strength of character they have shown by donating Drew’s organs and creating awareness about the dangers of head injuries especially in sports. God bless all of you.

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