Other Players Lost

It was said during the press that was generated that he was the 12th Player in Washington State to Have died from Football Related Injuries they received while playing the game.  Well when we asked who the others were so that we might honor them now one knew.  So here at Drew’s Team we are going to try and document these deaths… and honor the fallen.  These young men have a story to tell and if remember them we can make a bigger difference.  So without any fanfare we begin this solemn Memorial Wall and try to Celebrate the Lives that were and remember them.

DeShawn Smith

Fallen Tyee High Soph. DeShawn Smith (RIP 2004)

One Saturday night in 2004, during a typically raucous season-opening football game at Foster High School, DeShawn Smith, a sophomore running back at Tyee High, gathered a pass, turned upfield, and was hit helmet-to-helmet by an opposing player. He staggered to his feet, walked to the sideline, sat down and collapsed. He died three days later of acute subdural hematoma, or blood that accumulated between the brain and its outer lining, caused by a ruptured blood vessel.

RIP DeShawn Smith


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