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Joining Our Team is Simple…

Drew Swank was #15

Please Read the information on our web site. If you decide after doing so that you support us and want to help us honor Drew’s life through our efforts; all you have to do is let us know.  After you join we will contact you via phone or email and together we will discuss what you can do for the cause.

Specifically we have the following Level of Membership

  • Team Support: This is an entire Team and organization wanting to join.  This would be for one team of any sport at any level.  We have High School, Youth, and Club teams joining.  We will offer your team color brochures and info packets, the stickers for Team 7:15, and place your Name here and include you in our Monthly News letter.
  • School Wide Support: This is the same as a Team Support but is for those schools that see the values herein as being something they want to support throughout their organizations and student body.
  • Individual / Family Support:  This is for private parties, kids, parents, and extended families.  You can Join Us in the event that your school or team is not able to for any reason.  We need volunteers, activists, educators, and coaches that can help to tell the important story and messages that are stemming from Drew’s Life as well as his death.
  • Organizations:   Are you a member of a church or fraternal order that would like to help?  Maybe your a referee, writer, politician, or business man.  We feel strongly that your affiliation with Drew’s Team makes a statement about the type of Organization that you have.  We need your help.
  • Medical and Sports Professionals:   If your a Doctor, Nurse, Care Provider, Therapist, Trainer, Coach, or involved in any way with athletes we need you!  You are the group that can save lives and make a tremendous change.  You are the ones we need to have help educate and spread the word.  There is so much to do…. we really need your input and Help.
  • Sponsors: We need the help of some financial supporters who can help make a donation so we can sponsor schools with  things like ImPACT testing, educational materials and seminars, and our Team 7:15 Helmet Stickers and banners.  We can recognize your financial support in many ways here at our site and abroad.

“What am I Obligated to Once I Join and agree to show my support?”

Well that is the nice thing.  The answer is Nothing.  Simply saying you care is enough to join.  We will provide options and opportunities.  What you choose to do with them is totally up to you!  So don’t sweat that.  It is enough to know you are with us….. and with Drew.

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