Our Mission

To Make  a Difference…

Maybe that is enough…. Our Mission is based from the simple fact that we must do all we can to insure that school age athletes are protected as much as possible from the short and long term effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries also known as concussions.  We lost Drew to just such an injury which he suffered on the field during a game.  We honor his life and this horrible tragedy through our Mission.

Our Mission is to Prevent Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Youth sports through any and all means.

There is so much more we can do.   Our awareness of the severity of these issues and dangers has become much keener.  The risks once imagined as a possibility are now scientifically confirmed.  The Standards of Care are elevated now and the accountability that we all have to our youth athletes is now much higher.  If your a Coach, and AD, a Parent, a Volunteer, or a Medical Professional realize we have come into a new era.

If we all are not informed and educated as to the preventive measures and protocols once an injury does occur we are all not doing enough.

Look through our Team 7:15 and the other information of this site.  Stand with us for change.

Together we will make a difference….Please Join Us.   Drew is with us too!

Andrew "Drew" Swank. Join Drews Team

Drew Loved Life