All About Drew


Andrew Freemont Swank

Born:  May 4, 1992   Died:  September 27, 2009

Drew is the Son of Don and Patti Swank of Hauser Lake, Idaho.  He was a student-athlete at Valley Christian School in Washington State.  He lived happily on the families property with his brothers and sisters; Tara, Nicole, Luke, Tammy, Judd, Rowee, and Tim.


Drew was a very snuggly baby who loved being rocked to sleep with sweet hymns & melodies.  His family moved to a home in the country when Drew was two.  He grew up hiking and exploring the surrounding forested hillsides with his family and their dogs.   

He had a passionate love for God’s creation and was out enjoying the great outdoors as much as time allowed.
He loved hunting especially getting rid of the sap suckers for his Mom, and was the best fisherman in the family too!

Drew was blessed as a natural athlete.  He had great times playing outdoor sports from football to snowboarding.
Drew was very shy and unassuming, as a young boy. He often times would make his little sister Rowee, do any public talking for him.  He, Rowee, and his younger brother Tim did everything together.
Tim was with Drew on most of their outdoor excursions.  It had become a tradition to find the first buttercup of the spring to give to their Mom!  These youngest (3) were known as our “nineties kids” and were an overwhelming blessing to their (5) older brothers and sisters, who affectionately called them the “ little kids”.
Drew became a child of God at age nine.  As he grew into a young man his Father in Heaven was kindling a “Mighty Spirit of God” in him.  He was really tender hearted towards others!  God gave him the gift of being a “Peacemaker”.  He had a great desire for people to have “Peace with God”.
He was quick to ask forgiveness when he messed up.  He never wasted anytime building up grudges or holding offenses against others.  He set a tremendous example for the rest of his family to follow.
Drew loved pulling pranks and jokes on everyone.  Where ever he was there would be laughter.  The great memories of these go on and on, and  will always keep us laughing.  Drew had a keen interest in history and geography, and great excitement of  Bible Prophesy.  He earnestly looked forward to Christ return.
He was not only the handyman of the house, but was also a gentleman too.
Drew is greatly loved and missed by all his family and friends!  We’re all looking forward to that coming day when we will be with him again!  We thank God so much for giving us Drew!

We Respectfully ask that you take a few minutes out of your busy day to watch the Video below of Drew’s Life.  There is a photo Album below the Video for you to scroll through.  Thanks to all of you that are stopping by to consider honoring Drew with your help in this incredible battle we are all in to stop these injuries to all of our kids and athletes.

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See More Pictures of Drew Swank Right Here

Watch All of the Videos About Drew and his Story Here


One response to “All About Drew

  1. I am Drew’s oldest sister. Drew was one the the “three little kids”. Life in our family will never be the same again because an intricate part of us is gone! I miss him more every day and long for our reunion in Heaven. My hope is that no other families will have to experience the pain and sorrow we suffer! Please consider
    what we all can do to make our kids safe. One or Two implementations can potentially keep kids from dying or sustaining life-altaring injuries! No more football players should die from concussions if treatment is swift and baseline testing has been followed. A concussion is actually a Brain Injury and needs to be taken seriously. Please keep our kids safe!

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